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Vatican City

December 23, 2009

As we approach Christmas, I thought it would be appropriate to post some highlights of thoughts shared with us last year at this time.  Last Christmas we were at Vatican City, outside of St. Peter’s Square, randomly approaching strangers on the street to see if they could help us find reasons to hope.  We thought since they were at the Vatican, that perhaps they too would be on a similar search, and would have some compelling thoughts as to why we as a society may continue to flourish, or why we may consume ourselves into oblivion.

The answers were quite diverse.  It seems that Vatican City attracts all sorts of people – some with great faith in God, and others…well…I’ll let you watch the video and see for yourself….

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  1. December 24, 2009 6:47 am

    I just read your story in and I want to know how I can help?
    You are an impressive individual!
    In working with people, my style is to focus and work with what’s right with us and our world as opposed to what’s wrong with it.
    Yes, it is a different approach but it’s successful because people want to know what makes them OK and special. They hang on tight to the idea of taking talents and capabilities that they’ve already got to make things happen as opposed to changing who they are.
    My talent is helping them see their gifts and instil motivation so they feel hopeful and optimistic about waking up each day and living a better version of their lives than the day before.
    I hope I can help you in some way.

    • January 4, 2010 4:11 pm

      Hi Monique, thank you for your comments! If you are interested in helping out with the project that would be fantastic! If you yourself would like to be interviewed for the project, or if you know of some inspiring people who would be interested in participating, let me know! Just send me your email address, and we can coordinate it from there.

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