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Hope Hunter is a documentary film that follows me – physician and first-time filmmaker – on my journey across the globe in search of hope and inspiration.

Seeing personal hopelessness on an individual level through my patients who commit suicide, and those who kill themselves slowly through poor lifestyle choices, I understand that the complete loss of hope is the final step before self-destruction.

Outside of my medical practice, I see signs of collective hopelessness – mass apathy on environmental, and justice issues; and the mainstream consumerist society that wants more for less regardless of who is exploited in the process.  I have begun to believe that our lack of social responsibility is due to our collective loss of hope for a better world  – and I’ve begun to wonder if humanity as a whole is in fact engaged in exercises of collective self-destruction.

Have we given up hope?  Have we come to believe that we are destined to continue along this course of societal self-destruction?  Are we content to say that we will leave the world worse-off when we leave than we found it when we arrived?

Once an activist and a believer in the human spirit, I now find myself asking an unthinkable question “Is there really hope for the future of humankind?” And if the answer is “no”, then why am I dedicating my career to prolonging human life?

Or are there still some amongst us who dare to re-imagine the world?  Who believe that the fight is still worth fighting?  I wanted to find these people – I needed to find these people.

I’m not just talking about the activists among us.  I’m talking about you.  I’m talking about me.  I’m talking as much about the business executive in New York as I’m talking about the peasant farmer in India.  We all have a story.

Hope Hunter is an expositions of these stories.  Jen and I travelled through North America, Europe, and Asia speaking to people from all walks of life.  We asked them all the same questions: “Do you have hope for the future of humanity?  Do you believe our species will survive and is worth saving?  Do you believe we will change our ways before it is too late?”  Our travels are still continuing, but we’ve already begun the process of turning our footage into a film.

As we sift through the many hours of footage and interviews, we will be regularly posting to this blog highlights and summaries of the stories people have shared with us for this project.  Some are depressing.  Some are inspirational.

We are greatly indebted to each individual for opening their hearts and their homes to us.  From them we have found the inspiration to continue our journey and to complete this project.

Ashifa Jiwa

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  1. January 5, 2010 7:47 pm


    My e-mail is above as requested.
    Shine on~

  2. Carol Patzkowsky permalink
    January 7, 2010 10:36 pm

    I’m so impressed with your clarity and your endeavor. Please make the film a reality for all of us who are caught between the idealism that feels comfortable inside our skins and the realism that threatens as we open our eyes to our own choices.

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